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ATHENA porcelain table lamp



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ATHENA porcelain table lamp


This white porcelain table lamp combines timeless soft lines with elegant French toile de Jouy.

Victime de son succès, disponible en pré-commande.

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Adorned with blue tits in vibrant plumage, it invites the search for serenity, peace and truth. A faithful companion, ATHENA illuminates your moments of reflection or relaxation, as well as your conversations, and invites you to perceive all things in depth. Its soft, intimate light makes it an ideal accent or bedside light.

ATHENA white porcelain collection

The ATHENA collection is inspired by Greek mythology and the divinity of wisdom and thought, who is also the patron saint of artists and craftsmen.

This collection evokes an elegant antique column with soft, clean lines. Old-world charm and timeless lines come together to create an exceptional piece of striking design.

It comes in a Limoges white porcelain vase and a Limoges white porcelain table lamp, with or without its French toile de Jouy shade.

Features :

  • Product type : Lamp bases / Vase
  • Collection : Decoration in Limoges white porcelain
  • Creation: France
  • Manufacturing location: Limoges – Made in France
  • Manufacturing: handcrafted
  • Material: Limoges white porcelain
    Precautions for use: Dust with a slightly damp cloth, degrease with a wipe impregnated with glass cleaner or alcohol. The vase is dishwasher-safe.
  • Height: 220mm
  • Width: 130mm
  • Weight: 660 g
Weight 0,660 kg
Dimensions 220 × 130 mm







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