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Accessories and decorations

With their clean lines and translucent whiteness, REMINISCENCE HOME’s Limoges porcelain decoration accessories will enhance your interior. Our porcelain hooks, boxes, pots, vases, plaques and ceiling roses bring softness and character to your world, for a natural and timeless decoration. Embellish your interior with our Limoges porcelain decoration accessories In Géraldine’s workshop, plaster moulds filled with emotion give life to charming Limoges porcelain decoration accessories. Her creations combine the beautiful with the useful: poetry meets everyday life. Each piece is hand-made, respecting the traditional know-how.


After long hours of moulding, drying, double firing and finishing, they are ready to join your sweet home to fulfil their destiny : accompany your happy moments, share with those you love, pass on your story...

REMINISCENCE HOME offers you a collection of porcelain objects with a pure and timeless design. The pegs will support your walkers, coats, baskets, dish towels or aprons. The boxes and jars will house your small and large treasures: a batch of cookies, sparkling jewelry, cotton balls, small scented soaps, a dozen pencils, tea bags, sugar for the snack … The ceiling roses will give character to your living room, even if it is not Haussmann. And what could be better than a white porcelain vase to enhance your bouquets of fresh or dried flowers?