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GAÏA Limoges white porcelain tea service

The GAÏA tea service collection in white Limoges porcelain elegantly reinvents the art of French tea. Meticulously sculpted, raised foliage adds a touch of delicacy and refinement to each piece in this exceptional series. Hand-crafted in Limoges white porcelain, these pieces offer the luxury of near-identity, yet each is unique.

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Limoges porcelain is renowned for its finesse and elegance. Limoges white porcelain tea sets offer a variety of designs and decorations to suit all tastes. Whether you prefer a delicate floral pattern, a more modern motif or a sleek design, you’re sure to find a tea set to suit you. What’s more, white porcelain brings a touch of purity and harmony to your table.

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When choosing a tea set, there are several criteria to consider. Price is of course a determining factor, but the quality and beauty of the product must also be considered. Remember to check the brand’s reputation, the finesse of the porcelain, the beauty of the decoration and the quality of delivery. It’s also important to choose a tea set adapted to your needs: the number of cups, the size of the teapot, etc.

Limoges white porcelain is renowned for its strength and durability. However, it is essential to take care of it to maintain its radiance and beauty. We recommend washing your tea set by hand with a mild, non-abrasive detergent. You should also avoid thermal shock to prevent cracking. Finally, store your tea set in a dry, dark place to prevent yellowing of the ceramic.

Porcelain is a luxury product, but it remains accessible to a wide public. Whether you’re an individual looking to embellish your table or a professional looking to give a prestigious gift, you’ll find a tea set to suit your budget. At REMINISCENCE HOME, we want to share our French know-how and our passion for porcelain through our creations.

The tea set is more than just a set of cups and teapot. It’s a real decorative object that brings a touch of elegance and refinement to your table. So go ahead, let yourself be seduced by the beauty and quality of Limoges white porcelain.