GAÏA ravier in white Limoges porcelain
GAÏA white porcelain ravier



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GAÏA white porcelain ravier


The GAÏA collection, inspired by the mother earth that gives rise to all forms of life, combines elegant lines with refined plant sculptures. Each of these exceptional pieces is hand-crafted in Limoges white porcelain using time-honored techniques dating back to the 13th century.

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From the creation and sculpture of our pieces to their firing at 1400°C in Limoges, each stage of creation requires many hours of work in the hands of our sculptors, modelers and master ceramists to achieve an exceptional result. The ripples of fine porcelain dance under the fingers, and raised foliage blooms on translucent porcelain. Individually or in series, we take pleasure in offering them as exceptional gifts, or collecting them to set refined tables.

All our Limoges white porcelain tableware creations are designed to blend and harmonize perfectly with each other for unique and refined table settings.

GAÏA Limoges white porcelain tea service

The GAÏA Limoges white porcelain tea service reinvents the art of French tea. The delicate reflections of finely sculpted foliage in relief bring elegance and refinement to these exceptional pieces. Handmade in Limoges white porcelain, they have the luxury of being virtually identical, yet all unique.

This collection, with its delicate floral decorations, includes an exceptional, generously-sized teapot, delicate teacups, single saucers and large gourmet tea/coffee saucers, a ravier and a serving dish in soft, feminine Limoges white porcelain. Single or in series, filled or empty, they are perfect for any occasion.

  • The GAÏA white porcelain teapot infuses your rare teas, preserving the purity of their flavours. Its translucent white porcelain keeps them at the optimum temperature, making tasting a true sensory experience.
  • The
    GAÏA white porcelain teacup
    magnifies the aroma of tea. Its delicate handle, lightness and the softness of its enamelled porcelain ensure an unaltered tasting experience.
  • TheGAÏA white porcelain gourmet plate elegantly sets the scene for your gourmet teas and coffees, snacks or breakfasts.
  • The GAÏA white porcelain ravier presents cookies, confectionery, citrus fruit slices and other sweets for tea-time, or appetizers for dinner.
  • Le GAÏA white porcelain serving dish porcelain serving dish is ideal for serving delicate dishes at large tables. It can also be used as a cake platter or fruit platter.

Features :

  • Reference : ADT0013BB
  • Product type: white porcelain tableware
  • Collection : Gaïa
  • Creation: France
  • Manufacturing location: Limoges – France
  • Manufacturing: handcrafted
  • Material: Limoges white porcelain
  • Dishwasher, microwave and conventional oven compatible
  • Dimensions: 185 x 110 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 180gr






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