Blue round outdoor textile cable


This outdoor power cord is sold by the metre for mounting your outdoor pendant lights. It’s waterproof and weatherproof: combined with an outdoor socket, it allows you to enjoy your favorite outdoor lights safely.

The celadon blue jute sheath provides a neat finish, which will fit naturally into your exterior.

Porcelaine de Limoges
Fabriqué en France
Fabriqué à la main


Our outdoor cable is designed with a flexible red electrolytic copper conductor. Its double elastomeric rubber coating is suitable for operating temperatures ranging from -25°C to +60°C.

The natural SN06 jute sheath blends in perfectly with any exterior.

Elastomeric rubber offers extraordinary flexibility and resistance to flame and oil.

Combined with the world’s first IP65 cable socket, this outdoor cable allows you to create custom outdoor lamps safely. 

This very high performance cable is IMQ-HAR certified.


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