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Eco-responsible Made in France

We are proud to manufacture French.

The “made in France” label is a marking of the geographical origin of production which attests to French manufacture.

What does it mean ?

The Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE), attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, specifies that to bear the mention “Made in France” must “draw a significant part of its value from one or more localized manufacturing stages in France and have undergone its last substantial transformation in France.”

This is a good start, but we are going further than this standard which allows the use of imported raw materials.

100% French products!

The creation of our products is French, the raw materials are French, the production is French and the distribution too.

Support French production

By buying our products, you promote French artisanal production and actively help the transmission of ancestral know-how to a new generation.

You support our country in its local consumption, its economic development and its autonomy. Consuming French is a civic act.

Recyclable and recycled products

To be consistent with our values, our packaging and wedging products essential for the transport of porcelain objects are recycled and recyclable, the glues of the adhesive tapes are vegetable and the ties are made of hemp, cotton or natural raffia. We do not want to bequeath to our children pretty porcelain objects but also eco-responsible values ​​and the desire to improve every day.