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Reminiscence Home: French know-how revisited

REMINISCENCE HOME was born in April 2022, its founder and designer has created a unique style with pieces, in fine Limoges porcelain, which offer the luxury of being at the same time singular, elegant and timeless.

By relying on exceptional workshops, labeled Living Heritage Company, Reminiscence Home allows the preservation of ancestral know-how which has been the wealth of France since the 18th century.

Reminiscence Home can boast of having already obtained the Made In France label, and of also being today a member of the Ensemble à Table cooperative and the Confederation of Table Arts made in France.

By choosing REMINISCENCE HOME you are also committing to the path of eco-responsibility. Since from design to delivery, including packaging, everything is thought out in a fully committed approach that respects the environment.

Géraldine Delettre,
the designer with extra soul

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Géraldine Delettre has long been a project director in the world of building, where she already worked with project managers, architects, craftsmen and designers. This long-term traveler, disciple of a certain French art of living, has always been a tireless creator, in love with craftsmanship.

With her long and rich technical experience, she has established herself today as an expert in the field. From a very young age, she developed a pronounced taste for light, textures and Beauty, while always keeping the functionality of the object as a priority.

His abundant mind is boiling and soulless design does not interest him. She refuses comparison and confinement in expectations that do not correspond to her. In 2024, Géraldine Delettre is once again pushing the limits and breaking free from the rules, by magnifying new materials; wood first, in memory of his beloved grandfather, a carpenter and cabinetmaker, then marble, brass and many other surprises to come. So many new settings for his favorite porcelain! Passionate about people above all, she builds strong relationships, first with her partner workshops then with her clients for whom she constantly reinvents herself, to always satisfy them! Its ambition: to create timeless pieces derived from French know-how which will be the heritage of tomorrow.