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Our expertise at the service of professionals

Working hand in hand with architects and designers

Because we are demanding in our work, and because Géraldine Delettre, founder of REMINISCENCE HOME, worked for many years in the construction industry, we understand the requirements and constraints of our professional partners! That’s why we offer architects, designers and interior decorators quality products and customized solutions.

Offering high-quality French porcelain

We respect the values of craftsmanship and the traditions of French production. As such, we share with interior design professionals a strong commitment to the quality and customization of our products. Our Limoges porcelain lighting and tableware bring purity, brilliance, durability and sobriety to all interiors.

Adapting to meet your every need

Like architects, we believe in respecting individual personalities and decor. That’s why we can assist designers in the creation and implementation of their projects, in particular by customizing our luminaires.
Do you dream of a specific color or material for cables, sockets or sconces? Just ask: we’ll be happy to fulfill your wishes.

Jeanne baladeuse mat
Jeanne suspension mat

Putting our high standards and expertise to work for the hotel and restaurant industry

Like REMINISCENCE HOME, hoteliers and restaurateurs are heirs to the age-old traditions of French art de vivre. We know their constraints, their convictions and their work, and we work alongside them to provide quality products they can use for many years to come.

Keep up with the pace and remain impeccable in all circumstances

We know that hoteliers and restaurateurs rarely have the right to make mistakes… For rooms or suites that are both modern and refined, with high-quality service, they need equipment that combines beauty and solidity. That’s why our fixtures and dinner services are designed to keep pace, from getting up to going to bed, or from setting up for breakfast to serving dinner.

Designing products in highly resistant Limoges porcelain

REMINISCENCE HOME creations are made from porcelain fired at ultra-high temperatures. That’s why our lighting fixtures, tableware and decorative objects are resistant to shock, mildew, salt, stains, freezing and extreme temperatures. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, in all seasons (as long as you choose an outdoor model for the lights).

In a hotel or a restaurant, in the mountains, in town or by the sea, our creations accompany you every day.
By trusting your REMINISCENCE HOME partner craftsman to equip your establishment, you are guaranteed to combine beauty, solidity and reliability, to serve and dazzle your guests.

Porcelain outdoor lighting fixtures that stand up to the elements

We believe that traditions, noble materials and the French art of living can be part of today’s reality. That’s why our know-how is designed to accompany a busy life, for small and big occasions, indoors and out!

Designing porcelain objects that are strong and resistant… yet light.

Porcelain is the most resistant of all ceramics. Because it has been fortified by firing at 1,400°C, it will stand up to your everyday life without a hitch! This ultra-high-temperature firing waterproofs the porcelain and makes it frost-resistant: freezing temperatures won’t crack its heart…
Lighting up all your guests’ special moments, both in the garden and in the courtyard
On a sunny balcony, in the shade of a terrace, in the heart of a garden or even on the deck of a boat, REMINISCENCE HOME products love to take the air, even if it’s iodized (provided you choose an outdoor model, for the luminaires)!

Stain-, dirt- and fungus-resistant, they won’t deteriorate under the effects of weather or the passage of time. Porcelain is very easy to clean and even resists the little unwanted offerings left by birds and insects: ideal for enjoying life and your fixtures with complete peace of mind!

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