LILIBET bowl L white enamelled


LILIBET is a collection of hand-sculpted Limoges porcelain evoking bouquets of lavender and Provence. Its name evokes nobility of soul, and the tenderness of a nickname whispered to a loved one. Handcrafted in Limoges porcelain, each piece has the luxury of being both similar and unique.

In a deep plate or bowl, the LILIBET collection is perfect for setting an elegant and refined table.

A plate designed to convey the French art of living

LILIBET pays tribute to strong and ambitious women who do not forget to be there for their loved ones. In her workshop, Geraldine imagines a plate that reminds us that meals with family or friends are privileged moments to gather, in a busy daily life. Do not hesitate to take it out of the buffet for small and big occasions: it will adapt to all circumstances!

Porcelaine de Limoges
Fabriqué en France
Fabriqué à la main


  • Reference : ADT0007BB
  • Material: Limoges porcelain
  • Finish : enamelled
  • Dimensions : ∅145×70
  • Approx. weight Item size: 240gr
  • 520ml
  • Packaging : 1 package
  • Manufacturing : 100% French handmade

Additional information

Weight 0,240 kg
Dimensions 145 × 70 cm


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