FELICITE white enameled plate


FÉLICITÉ is an ode to the simple pleasures of everyday life. At the touch of her folded wing, memories of birthday parties with friends, barbecues in the garden and happy picnics emerge and overwhelm us. Porcelain replaces cardboard, emotion remains.

To set up a party table, have lunch on the grass, share a dinner aperitif at the counter or sublimate the farandoles of desserts, FÉLICITÉ will always be ready to serve you. Don’t let her sleep too long in the dresser, she loves to share your small and large meals. To meet all your desires, this enamelled plate is available in whipped cream, blueberry, pumpkin, mimosa, liquorice, sage or marshmallow.

A plate designed to live beautiful stories

FÉLICITÉ is a brew of childhood memories and a trompe l’oeil feat. She is made from the smell of candles lit on a chocolate cake, delicious grilled meats eaten by the fire, fruit salads served in the shade of a cherry tree… In her workshop, Géraldine dares to sublimate the cardboard plates of our childhood. In Limoges, sparkling porcelain plates will be created from the plaster mould, cast, fired and handmade. Here they are ready to join your sweet home to fulfill their destiny: accompany your happy moments, share with those you love, pass on your story…

Porcelaine de Limoges
Fabriqué en France
Fabriqué à la main


  • Reference : ADT0004BB
  • Material: Limoges porcelain
  • Finish : enamelled
  • Dimensions : ∅24cm
  • Approx. weight of the article: 335grs
  • Packaging : 1 package
  • Manufacturing : 100% French handmade

Additional information

Weight 0,335 kg
Dimensions 24 cm


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