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White porcelain lampshades

Marrying delicacy and timelessness, the white porcelain lampshades are real elements of decoration. Very appreciated for their elegance and refinement, they find their place in all rooms of the house: living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, bathroom … With their clean lines and their timeless whiteness, they bring a touch of softness to all interior styles.


Give a unique touch to your interior with a white porcelain lampshade

REMINISCENCE HOME reinvents the art of porcelain decoration, offering you traditional or contemporary models, with a matte or glossy finish. They will perfectly match your hanging lamps, wall lamps or wall sconces. All our lampshades are handmade in France, with love.

REMINISCENCE HOME lampshades are entirely made in France. This means that we are going beyond the requirements of the “Made in France” label, which stipulates that in order to carry the “Made in France” label, an object must “derive a significant part of its value from one or more stages of manufacture located in France and have undergone its last substantial transformation in France”. Our porcelain is made with French clay, and our lighting fixtures are entirely made in France, from design to distribution.

In this way, we support local jobs in good conditions, as well as the local economy and the preservation of traditional know-how related to the craft of porcelain.

The prototypes are designed and manufactured in Geraldine’s workshop, in the heart of the green Ain region, near Lyon. The collections are then manufactured in Limoges, in a family-owned factory. Skilled craftsmen hand cast the shades, then give them the finishing touches that will reveal their brilliance.

By adopting a short circuit, we limit the carbon footprint of our creations. To pack your lampshades, we use eco-responsible and recyclable materials (vegetable glue, corn cushioning balls, vegetable fiber ties, cardboard). Porcelain is also a 100% recyclable material, but our creations are designed to accompany you for many years and be passed on from generation to generation!

Beyond the design, porcelain has many advantages in interior decoration!

  • Strength: Porcelain is the strongest of all ceramics. The small blows do not scare him! Please note that this material is not unbreakable. Just be sure to handle your porcelain objects with care.
  • Durability: White porcelain ages very well, without degrading if it is maintained regularly. When you choose a REMINISCENCE HOME shade, you are choosing a fixture that will last for many years.
  • Hygiene: Did you know that white porcelain does not absorb grease or odor? This is one of the reasons for its popularity in the world of decoration.
  • Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining a white porcelain lampshade is relatively quick and easy. We explain how to clean your lampshade at the bottom of this page.

When choosing your porcelain lampshade, the most important thing to consider is where you want to install it.

  • Depending on the shape of the lampshade, the light will not be diffused in the same way. The height of the installation will also have a big impact on the lighting effect.
  • REMINISCENCE HOME shades are white. We love color, and we think your fixtures will keep pace with your wallpaper changes, wall repainting desires and new decorating inspirations. And what better way to create a timeless lampshade than with color and light?
  • The size of your lampshade is also an important criterion to take into account for a perfect harmony.

You need professional advice to help you make the right choice? Do not hesitate to contact us, Geraldine will be happy to help you!

Porcelain shades are easy to clean. Simply maintain them regularly with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. A damp cloth is sufficient in most cases. If yours is very dirty, you can clean it with a stain remover, disassembling it beforehand. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly with clean water to prevent the stain remover from damaging the porcelain. Who said that shining porcelain was complicated?