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Porcelain hand lamps

Nomads in the soul, our lamps follow you into any room. On a hook, a peg, a shelf, a staircase banister or a table, they adapt to all your desires. Their particularly simple installation will appeal to decorating enthusiasts who love to make the furniture swing… Just plug them in, and that’s it! With their translucent white dress, our Limoges porcelain lamps are perfect to finalize your decoration while adding a bright spot to your interior.

Choose a nomadic and bohemian lighting with our Limoges porcelain lamps

In her workshop, Géraldine models Limoges porcelain lampshades with timeless lines, which will become charming nomadic lamps. After hours of moulding, drying, double firing at high temperature and hand finishing, each of these unique pieces is finally ready to join your sweet home to fulfil its destiny: accompany your happy moments, share with those you love, pass on your story… Our porcelain lights are designed to enhance contemporary interiors. With their enamelled or biscuit matte finish and their bronze matte textile cable, our French-made white porcelain lamps bring a delicate touch to your decoration. To read, work, tinker or drink a tea from the comfort of your sofa, our nomadic lamps will always be ready to follow you on new adventures!

To enhance your homes, choose porcelain lighting fixtures handcrafted in France. Elegant and refined, these marvels created by Géraldine Delettre are of absolute simplicity and diffuse a soft light reminiscent of pretty old white porcelain. Combining earth, fire and water, Reminiscence Home products will enhance your daily routine and create a world where you can live with a light heart. The most difficult step would be to choose a model between the different designs in bewitching shapes with a touch of vintage inspiration. Of course, no matter which model you choose, it will fit perfectly in a classic interior as well as in the most modern living spaces.

The Reminiscence Home line of fixtures are a timeless classic with clean curves and a modern look. Entirely handmade, from a terroir and a secular know-how, they combine simplicity in everyday life, durability and freedom from trends. Between or play of shadows, matt interior, enamelled exterior, transparent and shiny, smooth or serrated touch, staged alone or in accumulation…, white gold becomes attractive. Without a doubt, you will succumb to the purity and the lines made of immaculate white of our hand lamps. Of a generous size, they remain very practical with an ease of adaptation to all the rooms of your interior. You can place them on a horizontal plane to light a wall or a piece of art. Depending on where they are placed, the light is directed downward to highlight an object, a piece of furniture … These accessories are also available in suspension version for a soft and warm lighting. Porcelain fixtures can be hung on a rod, hook, coat hook and more. Better still, its simplicity allows you to imagine anything.
Indeed, Gabrielle is passionate and curious about customs through her travels. So, it follows you in all your desires by playing with the transparency of the porcelain! The work of this specialist ceramic craftsman is based on the immaculate white of the porcelain because it is durable, intriguing and eye-catching. Reminiscence Home’s wall sconces, hanging lights, lampshades and lampshades are intensely poetic and give creations imbued with delicacy. Carefully crafted with original colors, it is ideal to bring character to your interior decoration and diffuse a warm light.

At Reminiscence Home, we are happy to promote local and socially responsible production. It is in the sensibilities of our founder that all objects come to life. They are either the result of an ancestral know-how linked to the French art of living, of childhood memories or simply of a work of white porcelain.

Moreover, more than a simple label, the Made in France is for us an oath towards our customers. Our product is labeled ” made in France ” because all the steps of its manufacture are located in France including the last substantial transformation. That is to say a totally hexagonal production which starts from a mixture of grounds provided by French companies until the packaging of the derivatives in our partner family manufacture, in materials perfectly eco-designed, recycled and recyclable, on base of natural materials as the flax, the cardboard, the raffia, the kraft and of compostable natural glues. Our priority is to carry out a careful and durable work for a better customer satisfaction, in the strict respect of the French craft traditions and the health and safety of each one.