French art of living and nature at the heart of our know-how

Sometimes inspired by nature, sometimes by her love of the French art of living or simply by a childhood memory, Géraldine brings REMINISCENCE HOME creations to life in her workshop.

Creating contemporary, timeless porcelain objects

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Géraldine sets herself no limits and follows her desires to create objects with an authentic design. Natural and manufactured materials are inexhaustible sources of inspiration: plaster, resin, clay, papier-mâché…

Bringing objects to life, from designing a prototype to manufacturing a collection

After the design stage, a mould is made from the prototype. An initial object is then cast in the mould to ensure that the finish and details are in line with Géraldine’s vision.

After fine-tuning, she applies the markings and makes the “mother mould” or matrix, which will be used to replicate the production moulds identically.

Production moulds can only be used for a maximum of 50 pieces. They then have to be replaced. New moulds are then produced from the “mother mould”.

Moulds ensure consistency in the size of the pieces and the decorations, but handcrafting gives each creation the little imperfections that make it unique.

As the moulds have to dry between each pour, daily production remains limited, so there is no overproduction.

Shaping porcelain by hand to respect its sensitivity

Porcelain is a living material that needs to be worked and shaped. Each piece is made and finished by hand.

Porcelain is sensitive, it has a shape memory: the slightest shock is revealed when it is fired. It therefore takes great skill, acquired year after year, to reveal all the beauty of Limoges porcelain.

Yet there are always small imperfections, which guarantee the charm, authenticity and uniqueness of each creation. The result of patient craftsmanship, they are unique and endearing.

Antonia Bright Pendant
Suspension Jeanne Brillante en Porcelaine Blanche

Firing porcelain to reveal its beauty, in biscuit or enamelled

The porcelain is fired a first time at 980°C: this is the degourdi firing. The result is biscuit porcelain, which remains porous. It is then finished with sanding, cleaning and glazing.

Then comes the second firing at a higher temperature (1280 to 1400°C). This “vitrifies” the porcelain. Whether matt or enamelled, the pieces become waterproof.

It is after this stage that porcelain reveals all its beauty. Its whiteness, translucency and sonority make it a timeless, warm material that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Adopting skills that respect the environment and people

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Preserving the French economy, craftsmanship and know-how

We are proud to manufacture in France and happy to perpetuate the ancestral know-how linked to the work of the Limoges porcelain. More than just a label, ‘made in France’ is for us a commitment and a promise to our customers.

Manufacturing 100% French porcelain objects, from design to distribution

According to the criteria laid down by the French Ministry of the Economy, a product can be labelled ‘made in France’ if several stages in its manufacture are located in France and if it has undergone its last substantial transformation there. But we go well beyond this label, by choosing 100% French production. Thus, our porcelain is made from a mixture of earths supplied by French companies. All the processing is carried out in France, in Limoges, in our partner family factory. Then our products are carefully packaged before taking the road to start their new life in your home. By adopting your crockery or your lighting at REMINISCENCE HOME, you have the guarantee of a careful and sustainable work, in respect of French artisanal traditions.

Moving towards eco-responsibility

We work with respect for people and the planet, and daily ensure to reduce our environmental footprint: a small step for REMINISCENCE HOME, a big step for eco-responsibility! Sustainable development is our compass for making objects that are truly environmentally friendly. Longevity of materials used, absence of toxic products, reuse of waste generated, recycling of water… Nothing is left to chance! We also focus on local production and optimising energy consumption. All the manufacturing stages of our collections are carried out in good conditions and in respect of human rights.

Taking concrete action for sustainable development

We are committed daily to sustainable development, which we place at the heart of our production. In essence, porcelain is a 100% natural material (made from a mixture of minerals, durable and resistant). It recycles itself endlessly and at every stage, from the production (raw) to the finished product (fired). All our production is carried out in France, with respect for the health and safety of everyone. Our water and energy consumption are kept to a minimum.

And when you choose a REMINISCENCE HOME creation, we use perfectly eco-designed, recycled and recyclable packaging, based on natural materials such as cardboard, kraft, raphia or linen, and compostable natural glues.

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Imagining objects to serve the French art of living

The French art de vivre often evokes the castles of the Loire, Versailles, the great Parisian avenues. Yet, we believe that the French way of life lies in the joys of everyday life: conviviality, gastronomy, culture, sharing… It is experienced every day, regardless of social class or capital city. That’s why REMINISCENCE HOME lighting, decoration accessories and tableware are timeless. Anchored in the present moment, they accompany you in your everyday life.

France is renowned for the elegance and refinement of its gastronomy, but also for its traditions of conviviality, culture and aesthetics. From our vintage wines to our luxury brands, not to mention our artistic heritage, the French art of living has shaped our cultural exception. Our expertise is rooted in the heritage of French traditions, and we are committed to the quality and beauty of our products.

Our porcelain is designed to share your daily life, not to sleep in your dresser. Whether it’s a Sunday in the countryside, an engagement by the sea, the birth of your youngest child, your mother’s birthday, an aperitif with friends or Wednesday macaroni, Reminiscence Home Limoges porcelain will be with you every step of the way!

Living, laughing, loving, moving, fulfilling: our porcelain is made to vibrate with you and share your happy moments.