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Porcelain plates

Here are some Limoges porcelain plates that you won’t want to leave sleeping in your dresser! Whether you prefer refined winged plates or plates with regressive fluted edges, the REMINISCENCE HOME creations will find their place on your festive or everyday tables. Plain or decorated, in whipped cream, liquorice, mimosa, pumpkin, blueberry, sage or marshmallow, our delicate and resistant porcelain plates will accompany your happy moments for many years. For your convenience, they are all dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe. Embellish your table with our Limoges porcelain plates, regressive or classic, always resistant and timeless

Each piece derives its unique charm from meticulous and patient shaping by hand, in accordance with traditional know-how.

After hours of drying, double firing and finishing, they are ready to join your sweet home to fulfil their destiny: accompany your happy moments, share with those you love, pass on your story… With their regressive and timeless design, these Limoges porcelain plates will make the hearts of young and old beat faster. Their translucent and shiny hue will give allure to the simplest of dishes: nothing like it to whet the appetite of your guests! They are designed to accompany your happy moments every day, so don’t let them sleep too long in your china cabinet…

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